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Birth Your Way

Giving birth does not have to feel overwhelming. I support you in whatever birth you are looking for. I support: hospital births, home births, medicated, non-medicated, planned or unplanned cesareans, VBAC, and more. Every person and birth is different. Regardless of your choices – you deserve someone who will be in your corner.

Labor & Birth Support



FREE Preparing for Birth Journal 

FREE attendance to my “Preparing for Birth” Childbirth Class

2 Prenatal visits

Email, phone and text support during regular business hours (starting at contract signing)

24/7 on-call support (via phone, email and text) beginning at 38 weeks

FREE access to Prepared Feeding Course

1 Postpartum Visit 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a doula?

A doula is someone who provides emotional, physical and evidence-based informational support to the birthing person, partner, and family. I truly believe that it goes beyond this in many ways though. Check out this article from BEST doula training for a more in depth look at everything a doula does for you:

So...a doula is like a midwife?

No, not at all actually. My favorite way that I have heard the difference explained is that a midwife deals with the belly and below, while the doula helps with everything above. It is obviously much more complex than this, but a doula does not provide any medical advice or do anything medical for you or the baby. 

How do doulas work with partners?

You might be thinking to yourself, “my partner will be there, can’t they be my doula?” or “won’t my partner feel left out of the process?” Let me be clear that having a partner there is a wonderful addition to your birth team, but partner support and doula support are two very different things and having both in your corner will allow you to have a more positive birth experience. As your doula, it is my job to help you and your partner remain focused on the task at hand which is to become parents. 

Who really needs a doula?

In my opinion? Everyone! Whether this is your first birth or your sixteenth, it is nice to have someone in your corner. Doulas are there to provide you with unbiased knowledge and knowledge is power. 

How do doulas work with medical professionals?

Before I answer this question you should know that I work for YOU. I do not work for the hospital, midwife, birth center, etc. You are the one that hired me, so I am there for you. 

As far as working WITH the staff, I am a consultant and resource for you in times where you might need help understanding a procedure and risks/benefits. I am not a clinician. I encourage communication between the staff and you. I do not speak for you or make decisions. I encourage informed decision making and self-advocacy and support your choices for your birth. I will also provide you with any referrals you may need for things that are outside of my scope of practice. 

I have so many more questions...

That is great! If you didn’t have questions, I would be worried. To learn more you can always click “Book FREE Consult!” or head to my “Contact” page.