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Parent Education Classes

Education Your Way

Building a family can feel very overwhelming. Whether you are at the beginning with pregnancy or in the thick of it as a parent the first step in understanding who you are in birth and parenthood begins with education. Understanding your choices in pregnancy and birth and learning about child development and observation can help you feel empowered as you begin or continue this journey.


Preparing for Birth - Weekend Class

$250 per couple, max 4 couples

It’s time to get prepared!

In this comprehensive weekend class we will go over what you need to know for your birth regardless of where or how you choose to give birth. We will take a deep dive into the ins and outs of your body during pregnancy & birth, learn coping techniques during labor, take a holistic look at the stages of labor, have some guided meditations, talk through what to expect postpartum and so much MORE!


  • Journal to write down plans, hopes and dreams for your birth – to be used in discussion with your partner and birth team
  • Access to “Prepared Feeding” breastfeeding course – a comprehensive class taught by IBCLC Amanda Devereux of NOLA Nesting. 
NOTE: This class will take place over two days – 4 hours each day in the Palos Hills area. 


January 6th & 7th @ 9:00 am

April 27th & 28th @ 9:00 am

July 27th & 28th @ 9:00 am


Embracing Montessori: A Journey into Mindful Parenting

$75 per couple, max 6 couples

Embark on a delightful parenting journey through the lens of the Montessori philosophy! This empowering class invites you to explore the magic of three essential elements: the Adult, the Child, and the Environment. Join us as we joyfully prepare ourselves for the rewarding adventure of parenting, unravel the enchanting world of developmental milestones, and discover how to create a nurturing environment that supports the unique needs of your little one. Get ready for a journey filled with learning, laughter, and the joy of watching your child thrive!

Each class will look at a different set of months – choose which class you need or come to all of them for a comprehensive look into your child’s development. 

NOTE: Each session is a one day 3 hour course taught at Burr Ridge Birth Center. 

February 3rd 10:00 am – 1:00 pm FOCUS: 0-3 Months 

Other Dates Coming Soon

Montessori Parent/Child Class

$800 per child

Have you been wanting to learn more about Montessori and how to apply it at home? Are you interested in learning more about child development and observing your child? Are you wanting to connect with other parents?

This class is a 5 week session that will meet 2 times a week. Once a week you and your child will come to class together. The other day will be a virtual meet-up with the parents. There will be age appropriate works, snack, and music/stories. You as the parent will observe, work, and learn alongside your child. Once a week we will meet virtually (parents only) to discuss our observations and talk about individual child development. You will also receive an observation journal in which to write down your observations. 


Private Classes

$50/hour (4 hour minimum)

Private classes are meant to fit you and your personal needs. We will talk about your hopes and dreams for your birth. You may also sign up for the “Prepared Feeding” course if you are interested in learning more about breastfeeding or bottle feeding your little one for an extra cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I hired a doula, why should I take a childbirth education course?

Childbirth seems very mysterious and each birthing person is different in how they will react to pregnancy, labor, and parenthood. Not everyone will give birth in the same way or in the same place – knowing your options for labor and birth is important as it will help guide you in some of your first decisions as a parent. Finding a comprehensive birth course that will go over those options is a win for all involved. The more knowledge you have the more power you will have in birth and the more confidence you will have in those choices that you have made. Doulas are wonderful additions to your birth team – but they cannot make decisions for you – nor is it their job to educate you completely on all the options you may have. They are there to answer questions about your narrowed down choices. A comprehensive class will give you the ability to ask those questions and help your doula know your wants and needs for birth. 

What is "Preparing for Birth"?

“Preparing for Birth” is a childbirth education class that was built with YOU in mind. It takes into account that each birthing person and birth is different. You can expect to go over you choices for which ever birth you plan on having: physiological, medicated, vaginal, or cesarean birth. This class will help you look at your choices and bridge the gap of communication with your your partner and birth team. We will keep it real in this class – but there will be plenty of laughter and community.

This is not my first child - should I still take a course?

Remember that each pregnancy is different and you might be feeling differently about this one and have a different set of needs. I would highly suggest for experienced parents the mini or private course. The private can be tailored to your specific needs and the mini covers a little bit of the main course. 

Who can come to the class?

Whoever you plan on being at the birth should be the one in the class with you. The cost covers the birthing person and support person (partner, parent, friend). Whoever will be at your side as the primary support should be learning along side you and asking their own questions to get better prepared and have a better understanding of birth.